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Meet Fredd Your New Best Pal In End-To-End Network Infrastructure
Welcome to Fredd

You’re about to discover the most robust all-glass fibre optic broadband network that will give you an unparalleled Internet experience.

Ultrafast broadband from Fredd’s Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or Fredd’s Fibre to the Business (FTTB) infrastructure that seamlessly connects you from your home or place of work, to our super-secure tier one data centres based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.


On this website, you’ll not only learn how Fredd can provide you with a wide array of meaningful benefits, such as a higher internet speed and reliability that previously you could only dream about.


You’ll also learn all the values and standards that Fredd stands for, like faster broadband, better value broadband and no-hassle broadband. Learn what Fredd literally stands for, which is Friendly, Reliable, Efficient, Dynamic and Driven. Your ultrafast broadband experience starts here. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!


About Fredd

Dynamic, Reliable, Efficient, Dynamic and Driven

Fredd is anything but your everyday, common or garden broadband service provider. You know the kind of Internet connection where the speed varies between slow and dead slow; and the kind of connection that gives you an uploading speed that’s a tiny fraction of your download speed.


Fredd is a truly world class UFB that few networks can compare with, here in South Africa.


Without getting too technical, here, briefly, are some of the unique benefits of Fredd:


Symmetrical system


Depending on the package of your choice, Fredd can supply what’s called a symmetrical system. This means that your upload and download speeds are 100% equal, and more to the point, equally fast.




Fredd’s your ultimate one-stop-shop for all things broadband: telephony, including VOIP and video conferencing, cloud computing for all your hosted services from Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) to Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) to all your storage and back-up needs, IT support services and security services, to name but a few.

Low contention ratio


Fredd offers a substantially low contention ratio compared to other national operators. This refers to the amount of people sharing (or contending for) the same bandwidth leading to your local exchange. The lower the contention ratio the better the service. And as you can see, Fredd is way above the norm when surfing the Internet. When you’re connected to the data centre, there’s zero contention, which means lightning speeds.


Broadband brilliance


Fredd’s fibre network is not affected by latency issues. This refers to the delay or time lapse that occurs between you initiating a command and receiving the response. With Fredd there’s no more buffering and lagging – just pure broadband brilliance!

Landline 010 492 5050 Fax 010 492 5051 e-mail Address Block L, 1st Floor, Clearwater Office Park 1, cnr. Park & Atlas Road, Parkhaven ext 8, Boksburg, 1459 Friendly, Reliable, Efficient, Dynamic and Driven! Fredd Subscriber Terms And Conditions